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Fintech firm Klarna says 90% of its employees are using generative AI daily

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Fintech firm Klarna reported that a significant majority of its employees are using generative AI tools, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its internal AI assistant. Non-technical teams like communications, marketing, and legal are the biggest users of generative AI within the company. Klarna emphasized the benefits of AI in boosting its bottom line as it transitioned away from the high-growth period of 2020-2021. The company highlighted that over 87% of its workforce utilizes generative AI tools, surpassing adoption rates in the broader corporate world. Klarna’s internal AI assistant, called Kiki, addresses around 2,000 queries daily. Generative AI is applied by the communications team to analyze the sentiment of press articles about the company, while the legal team leverages AI for efficient contract drafting. Klarna’s cost-cutting measures and focus on AI have contributed to improved profitability, with the company reporting its first quarterly profit in four years and significant savings from its AI chatbot.