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‘He Talked About Wanting to Be a Doctor and Ate His Chopped Cheese'

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Anonymous Rewrite: A Kind Encounter in the Bronx #

Late one Monday night, while heading to a Jackson Hewitt tax office in the Bronx, I decided to grab dinner from a Bengali restaurant. Pleased with my choice, I left with a meal for the night and lunch for the next day. As I made my way to the subway station, I noticed a boy engrossed in a video game on the platform.

Just as I was about to enjoy my meal, the boy approached me, politely requesting a dollar for a drink. Sensing his thirst, I offered to buy him something to eat as well. We headed to a nearby Jamaican restaurant, known for its delicious dishes. However, the boy insisted on going to a deli instead. There, he ordered a chopped cheese sandwich and an Arizona iced tea, which I happily paid for. Hurrying back to the station, our encounter ended on a positive note, leaving an impression on both of us.

This story reflects a heartwarming moment in the bustling city of New York, capturing an anonymous act of kindness and connection between two strangers.