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In the West Bank, an independent Palestine remains a distant dream

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The world is once again discussing the issue of a Palestinian state. This has created a divide between Israel and the United States. While President Joe Biden supports a two-state solution, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects the idea of an independent Palestine. The United Kingdom is considering recognizing a Palestinian state, and Saudi Arabia believes that ties with Israel cannot be normalized without a resolution on statehood. Meanwhile, many Palestinians are skeptical and want to see concrete action on the ground, such as an end to Israeli settlements and control over land. The recent spike in settler violence against Palestinians has led to the US imposing sanctions on four settlers. Some see this as a positive step towards Palestinian statehood, while others consider it a token gesture. The sentiment among Palestinians is that the presence of occupation and settlers is hindering progress, and there is growing demand for the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority and for President Mahmoud Abbas to resign. Despite calls for a Palestinian state, some believe that previous instances of violence and failed peace talks have undermined the sincerity of these efforts.