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Israel announces ‘pause' along southern Gaza route to allow in aid but no let up in Rafah offensive

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The Israeli military has implemented a temporary halt in military activity along a route in southern Gaza to facilitate aid distribution. This pause will occur daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time until further notice. The designated route will allow trucks to transport humanitarian aid from the main entry point at Kerem Shalom Crossing to various locations in southern Gaza. However, it is important to note that fighting in and around Rafah in southern Gaza will continue. Israel’s ongoing campaign in Gaza has caused a humanitarian crisis, leading to a buildup of aid at Kerem Shalom. Despite the temporary pause in military activity, the entry of goods into the Strip remains unchanged. The conflict has resulted in dire living conditions for Palestinians, with a significant percentage of the population displaced. The destruction of infrastructure, as well as limited access to food, water, and fuel supplies, has exacerbated the situation. The UN agency for Palestinian refugees reports that over 50,000 children in Gaza now require treatment for acute malnutrition. Efforts to bring aid by land routes have faced challenges due to damaged roads, security concerns, and the need for Israeli approval. Additionally, recent sea-bound aid delivery has been hindered due to adverse weather conditions.