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'It's a way of life': Women make their mark in the Ukrainian army

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Despite ongoing challenges, more Ukrainian women are joining combat roles in the army as the conflict with Russia continues. Efforts are being made to address gender-based inequality and discrimination within the military. Organizations and initiatives are providing support for female soldiers. The number of women serving in the Ukrainian armed forces has increased by around 30% since the start of the war, with approximately 65,000 women currently serving. About 4,000 women are in combat positions, filling roles such as combat medics, senior gunners, snipers, tank commanders, and artillery battery commanders. However, there are still issues, including a lack of properly fitted uniforms and body armor for women, as well as gender-based discrimination within the military hierarchy. The enlistment of more women in combat roles has generally been seen as a positive step for Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO and the European Union.