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Meta will now remove some posts attacking ‘Zionists' as a form of hate speech

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Meta to Remove Posts Containing Anti-Semitic References #

Meta announced on Tuesday that it will remove posts on its platform that contain the term ‘Zionist’ when used in conjunction with anti-Semitic tropes or dehumanizing rhetoric. The decision came after a thorough evaluation of how the term has been historically and currently used on social media. The company aims to address the misuse of the term, recognizing that it can be used as an epithet and a proxy for negative connotations towards Jews and Israelis. Meta also sought guidance from various experts, including historians, civil rights groups, and human rights advocates. The decision extends to content that denies or mocks the existence of Jews or calls for harm against them. Meta has requested guidance from its oversight board regarding posts accusing groups labeled with ‘proxy terms for nationality’ of war crimes.